(updated)What a year this has been? August is already here; kids are starting back at school and the hottest part of summer is finally here. Before we round the corner for fall, now that the damage that the freeze caused is slowly coming to an end, and I say slowly because I still hear of it, it is time to pay attention to the regular normal maintenance around our home again. What we have been seeing a lot lately, which we see almost every summer especially in the hotter months, like August, is a clogged condensation line or clogged drain lines that the condensation line dumps/drains into.

What can we do to make sure these lines are cleared out before it becomes a problem? Typically, in newer homes, the A/C condensation line is plumbed into a bathroom closest to the FAU area. If it is a  two-story home, it is most likely an upstairs bathroom. Underneath the sink will be a black rubber hose or even a white tube connected to the drain line. This is where all the condensation from the A/C unit that is collected drains into. Now if the sink drain is full of hair, toothpaste, or any other debris this is going to cause the sink drain to back up and eventually overflow. Each beginning and end of summer it is a great idea to find the sink where the condensation line drains into and plug the sink and fill it up with water, then drain it and see if the water drains at a normal flow. If it doesn’t drain well or even at all the sink drain needs to be taken apart to clear out whatever is slowing down the draining process. 

AC gets serviced

AC gets serviced

Another issue we see this time of year is the actual A/C condensation line is clogged, these lines over time do become plugged with all of the gunk and debris from our attic areas. It is a good idea to have your A/C serviced 2 times a year or at least every beginning of summer to make sure the unit is prepared to take on the heat.  

Before I wrap things up here, let’s not forget the freeze that happened. If you were one who wasn’t directly affected by the freeze, what a blessing, but it would be a very good idea to go around your home and look at all your plumbing fixtures. Water heaters; make sure that there are no drips at the  

top where the flex-lines connect, Water Shut-offs; make sure all water shut-offs are functioning properly  (main service and toilet angle stop), Outside water spigots; if you don’t use them all check them, make sure everything looks as if it did before the freeze. 

Keep an eye out for next month’s articles – Plumbing tips to keep your home leak/flood-free.


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