A clogged pipe or drain line is one of the most frustrating plumbing problems, but it is a problem that almost every homeowner or commercial building manager encounters at some point. From an object accidentally getting flushed down the toilet to years of debris build-up inside a drain line, there are many reasons why pipes and drain lines seem to get clogged or blocked so easily and frequently. In the United States—Texas included—jetting is one of the most common professional plumbing techniques that is used for clearing clogged or blocked pipes and drain lines. If you are struggling with a clogged pipe or drain line, jetting services are worth learning more about because jetting can act as a simple, effective solution to clogged or blocked pipes and drain lines. Keep reading to learn more about jetting and what you should pay attention to when hiring a plumbing professional to perform jetting services in Texas. 

What is Jetting? 

Jetting—which is also commonly known as hydro-jetting—is a technique that is used to clear clogs and blockages in pipes and drain lines. Hydro-jetting is a common practice used by plumbing professionals to successfully clear clogged or blocked pipes. It is especially useful for stubborn clogs and blockages that do not respond to alternative drain-clearing techniques.

Jetting Services in Texas

Jetting Services in Texas

Hydro-jetting involves shooting a stream of water at very high pressure through a clogged or blocked pipe or drain line in order to clear whatever is causing the blockage from the pipe. The high-pressured water streams that are used in hydro-jetting services generally use a pressure of 400 psi. For reference, a standard toilet operates at water pressures of between 10 and 30 psi—which means that hydro-jetting uses high-pressured water streams that are up to forty times more powerful than the water pressure that is used to flush a toilet. 

Jetting can be used to clear many different types of residential and commercial drain lines, but it is most commonly used to clear main sewer lines that have become clogged or blocked over time and are no longer functioning as efficiently as they once did—or are no longer functioning at all. 

Jetting is a very effective pipe-clearing technique, but it is important to note that hydro-jetting should only be performed by a professional plumber who has the skills and experience required to safely and effectively perform jetting services. Hydro-jetting requires special tools and equipment and the knowledge and skills of a plumbing professional who knows how to use that equipment safely without damaging your pipes or drain lines. 

Why Choose Jetting? 

There are many different strategies that professional plumbers use to clear clogged or blocked pipes and drain lines when performing both residential and commercial plumbing services. Jetting is one of the most common among these strategies, however. So why is hydro-jetting such a popular technique among professional plumbers for clearing clogged drain lines and restoring pipes to their original functional condition? 

Hydro-jetting is one of the most effective ways to clear stubborn clogs and blockages from pipes and drain lines without damaging the pipes. It is more effective than drain snaking and can completely clear main sewer lines of years of build-up—including grease, bacteria, soap scum, dirt, sand, hair, and other debris. Hydro-jetting is a very broad technique that is able to clear virtually any blockage from your drain line. 

It also uses only water to clear pipes and drain lines and does not require the use of any harsh chemicals that could damage your pipes or cause harm to their surrounding environment. Plus, jetting is a convenient pipe-clearing technique that generally does not require any digging, repairs, or replacements to restore your pipes or drain lines to their full functionality. 

While hydro-jetting can be slightly more expensive than other types of drain-clearing techniques, paying some extra money for hydro-jetting services is—in most cases—worth the effective, long-lasting clearing treatment that hydro-jetting offers for clogged and blocked pipes and drain lines in both residential and commercial settings. 

What To Look For When Hiring a Plumber for Jetting 

When hiring a plumber to perform hydro-jetting services, there are multiple things you should look out for to make sure you are getting the best possible service. Before hiring a plumber for jetting services, asking about their experience and equipment is key. 

If possible, try to hire a professional plumber that specializes in hydro-jetting and has multiple years of experience in performing jetting services in both residential and commercial settings.

Also, ask the plumber about their hydro-jetting equipment. A professional plumber with plenty of hydro-jetting skills and experience should be able to explain the type of equipment they use—whether they use premium hoses, what type of trailer they use to mount their equipment, etc.—if they truly know what they are doing when it comes to performing hydro-jetting services.